How to put Photoshop slices/links into your website
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  • How to put your Photoshop web slices into your website.

Being inspired by so many amazing web designers, lost is awe by dynamic colors and innovative site creations, Photshop seemed like a perfect place to begin trying out a little website design of my own. However, when I stumbled upon the web slice options within Photoshop, whereby using them I could optimize images and even add links, they opened up my mind and creative imagination. Though I couldn't figure out how to take the saved images folder and html file and use it at my website. Moreover, when I searched Google for some answers, I was kind of glad that I couldn't find any: a perfect idea for me to put up a tutorial for those whom may experience this same dilemma. So here we go.

Let us begin this tutorial with a quick demonstration of how to cut images and add links using webslices in Photoshop to optimize our webpages.

The next video we are going to look at is part two of this tutorial. We will look at how we are actually putting the webslice created from Photoshop into our website. First though, we should know the nice thing about the Photoshop webslice tool is that upon saving the file, as was done at the end of the first video above, all images/slices are placed into a HTML table. Therefore, all we have to do is open that saved HTML file in an editor. Without changing anything unless we want to create editable regions (covered later) we are set. We can simply upload that file straight to our web host. Visit Cornerlinks Tut1 for a complete video illustration on uploading files to make them live for the web.

Hopefully this tutorail and the rest of my tutorials you might have visited are helpful and enlightening. If you have any further ideas how to make my website better please contact me. Thank you.